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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Puppies Need Loving Home!

  • Adoption fee is covered by the Texas Panhandle Pet Savers.
  • Home Check is required.
  • If interested interested leave a comment below and information can be exchanged. 

Human Medicine That Dogs Can Take

This is PorkChop, my American Pit-bull Terrier (i think), but to my home insurance she is a chocolate lab mix. I rescued this sweet little lady off the highway when she was about 8 months old. She was untrained, hyperactive and under fed; clearly a dumped dog. She can be a tough pup to handle but after months of diligent training she has become more and more obedient. I enjoy every minute with her, so much so that I am almost thankful that her old owner dumped her. I love my baby!

Rules of Find Your Furbaby web page

Rules of Find Your Furbaby web page:
  1. No "selling" animals on this web page, if you are a foster you may ask a modest "rehoming" fee to help deter people from aquiring bait animals.
  2. Studding/breeding advertisement is not allowed. We are trying to find homeless pets homes not create more. 
  3.  No profane/offensive context or language.
  4. No inappropriate pictures.
*all posts and pictures are subject to deletion at the discretion of author of blog*